The Future of NiftyKit: 2022 Edition – NFT Smart Contracts & Creator Tools

I want to start off by saying thank you on behalf of the entire team. When we started this project in 2020, we didn’t realize how big this NFT space was going to get. It has been a wild ride, and we are only just getting warmed up!

We appreciate all of our members sticking through with us as we help build the future of this space. It’s not easy being pioneers building an NFT platform, but with all of us in this together learning, we’re sure to go far.

If we missed something or you want to let us know what you liked, hated, and/or have suggestions on how to make the app better, please take a quick minute to leave us some feedback. We have tough skin, so if you had a bad time, please let us know so we can do something to make it right.

Taking all of our learnings and the feedback on the community, we are excited to share with you some new updates and big changes coming to the NiftyKit platform.

Optimized Low-Cost NFT Smart Contracts on Ethereum

We are making collections more affordable on Ethereum so that you don’t have to spend so much money upfront deploying your smart contract. We hit a breakthrough with our DropKit contracts and will be implementing the new optimized ERC-721 contracts. Same functionality just at a fraction of the cost! This is now available for early access users of DropKit and will be coming as our next update to our Classic Collections that you have been using for your NFTs.

New Classic NFT Smart Contracts

We’ll be launching an improved experience for our flagship “Classic” smart contracts.

If you have an existing collection on NiftyKit, don’t worry! You will still be able to mint with NiftyKit. We are removing the credit system, as well as the shared NiftyKit OpenVault shared contracts. NFTs will still exist from that collection, but you will no longer be able to mint into those shared contracts. We are moving to everyone having their own. You will also now pay for your own gas through Metamask to mint instead of purchasing a prepaid credit through Stripe.

No more playing the waiting game.

We have removed the Approval state for NFTs. We learned that this is just an extra unnecessary step. Now you will create drafts and mint directly by paying your own gas through Metamask. Ethereum gas prices are volatile. We didn’t want you to have to wait on NiftyKit to mint your collection or NFTs.

Willing to pay the higher prices to mint your contract or NFTs? You will now pay your own gas to mint when you’re ready.

Listings, Auctions, and Offers

After long hours of discussion, we have decided to discontinue the marketplace. Also, you will not be able list and auction your NFTs on your NiftyKit storefront. All sales will now occur on Opensea or Rarible. This also includes receiving offers from buyers directly on your NiftyKit marketplace listings.

NFTs created on NiftyKit Classic will now need to be listed on OpenSea, Rarible, or other third-party marketplaces. We create interoperable NFTs so any platform that accept standard ERC-721 NFTs will work. Using your custom contract you will be able to manage your collection on OpenSea.

As we grow, we’ll create ways where you can start adding these NFTs easily on your own website. Collectors also feel more comfortable purchasing on OpenSea because they are familiar with it. Additionally, Opensea is better for selling Polygon NFTs since they will help with the conversion. Right now you need Polygon MATIC on the Matic Network to purchase which has been inconvenient.

Collaborators on a single smart contract

We are going to be discontinuing this collaboration feature in the new Classic contracts moving forward. You will not be able to send invite links to other creators to mint into your collection. You will still be able to mint on different Metamask wallets, you just can’t invite other accounts to collab.

Individual NFT Metadata

We are introducing the ability to add metadata to our Classic collections. We have been without this for a long time, so it is long overdue. You will have more control over the metadata on an individual NFT level.

New Blockchains

We are going to be adding more blockchain networks that you can choose from for your NFTs. Get ready to see some Layer 2 integrations and some new chains. We’ll open up how you use NFTs to market, monetize, and engage your community.

In addition to the roadmap items above, the team will continue improving all aspects of NiftyKit and as we scale. We’ll do our best to ensure the best overall experience of our platform. We are grateful for all of your support and thank you for an amazing 2021!

Team Growth

We’re growing! The amount of work that needs to be done seems endless. We are going to be expanding our internal team and focusing on bringing on new partners. We are looking for help in all areas: development, design, marketing, and customer service. Stay tuned for updates on positions we need to fill on our Jobs page. If you are looking to grow your career and skills in the NFT space in 2022, please apply!

Looking to partner with us? Send an email to with more information on what type of partnership you are looking for and how you think we can be of assistance.

Let’s Crush It in 2022!

Thanks again for being a part of the NiftyKit community. Please leave us some feedback to let us know how we are doing – we’d love to hear from you!

Goodbye 2021. HELLO 2022! LFG!

-Dan and the NiftyKit Team

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