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ApeCoin Fundamentals


Launch a project in just minutes, unlocking accessibility for the next generation of NFT creators. By building deep integrations with ApeCoin, we can not only unlock new levels of utility for the token, but also establish it as the foundational coin for the creator economy.

We built NiftyKit to help empower creators of any type to take charge of their work and earn what they deserve for their art - hassle free.
Dan #4437
CEO of NiftyKit
COURSE STARTS: June. 4, 2023

Curriculum Overview

Day 1: ApeCoin 101 & AIPs

  • History Of ApeCoin
  • Where we are at Today – ecosystem
  • What the future holds – a playbook of applications
  • BONUS: How to write an AIP and submit to vote

Day 2: NFTs & Smart Contracts 101

  • How NFT smart contract tech works
  • Types of Transactions & Events
  • Mint & Selling NFTs with Apecoin
  • BONUS: NFT Drop Playbook

Day 3: Launch Drop & Earn ApeCoin

  • Plan out your Drop Strategy
  • Prepare Your Artwork
  • Launch Contract & Start Sale
  • BONUS: Create delayed reveal NFT Drop in 10 minutes

Bonus Content

  • Creating & Writing & AIP Workshop
  • Resources of ApeCoin universe
  • Metrics & Dune Dashboards $APE
  • Must follow influencers in the ApeCoin Community
  • Tutorial on how to vote. How to Vote for Newbies

BONUS: How Brands & Projects Can Earn ApeCoin Using No-Code Web3 Tools​

If your artwork is of good quality, your team is enthusiastic, and your community is excited, then you are ready to use NiftyKit to earn ApeCoin by selling digital products and services.

Frequently asked questions

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