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Create An NFT Collection

Learn how you can easily create an NFT drop and open editions by watching this short video.


– 00:00: Introduction to NiftyKit dashboard and creation of new collection
– 00:50: Importance of finalizing contract details and creation of revenue split
– 01:40: Uploading image and creation of collection description
– 02:31: Creation of metadata storage using NiftyKit API
– 03:19: Explanation of benefits of using NiftyKit API instead of IPFS for metadata storage
– 04:22: Setting pre-reveal image and metadata properties
– 05:08: Starting wait list for presale and publishing presale list
– 05:57: Importing assets and updating metadata for artwork
– 06:42: Exporting CSV file and updating metadata using it
– 08:33: Importing metadata and updating state of the drop
– 09:17: Starting presale and minting NFTs
– 10:07: Withdrawing funds and using revenue splitter to claim share
– 11:00: Revealing NFTs using powerful reveal tools
– 13:44: Adding admins and creating Token Gate content
– 16:21: Editing drop and using API access key
– 17:12: Using Widget Builder to customize minting component
– 18:42: Creation of Edition Smart Contract and generating special links for minting
– 20:33: Copying link and purchasing one-of-one NFT
– 22:13: Importance of finding a successful way to convert users and sending them to your mint page

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