The #1 Platform For NFT Drops

DropKit is the most powerful and intuitive drop platform, enabling you to launch your NFT vision and build a new world in web3.

Creators have earned $20,000,000+ using NiftyKit


DropKit is the premier tool for creators and teams doing NFT drops. Unlimited minting is available on Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon and Optimism.


Based on the Azuki collection, ERC721A is an improved implementation of the IERC721 standard that supports minting multiple tokens for close to the cost of one.

Batch AirDrop

Airdrop your NFTs by importing your current list or sending directly to individual wallet addresses.

Special Holiday Price Drop!

For a limited time only, get a DropKit Pass at a special price. Unlock additional seats, earn more on sales, and get priority access to Premium Support.


Dev System

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