NFT Project Spotlight: Women in Web3

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As we celebrate all the amazing efforts and progresses to raise awareness to breast cancer, we are also extending this movement to highlight amazing women artists and creator in the we3 space. 


One of our goals as a tool for empowering creators is also to inspire more women artists and creators to start development in web3 and use their skills, as well as encourage newcomers to consider entering the web3 space.

Although there’s been an increase in organizations finally supporting the idea more than ever, there are still a lot of biases against women in this industry, which doesn’t make the matter any easier for newcomers.


We at NiftyKit, have put together a number of resources aimed at providing tools and resources for newbies trying to get started in web3. 


And we are proud and honored to be working with these wonderful women:

  • GlobalKind NFT
  • Not Your Bro, Not Your Demons
  • Gucci Vault Art Space
  • Room 707, Pink Privacy by Jessica Yatrofsky
  • Portal, Thoughts in Motion by Jimena

GlobalKind NFT

GGlobal Kind NFT


GlobalKind NFT is one of the biggest, kindest movements in the metaverse. Their stunning 7,777 hand-drawn art by  Amylili Studio NFTs. The elements captures the essence of the beauty of Kindness, Friendship, Sustainable Growth & Diversity/Equality/Inclusion.


Co-founders Lissy and Liv created this collection to connect, to bring positive social change, to enhance mental well being and giving back. GlobalKind is committed to give 8% of their primary sales by donating to charitable organizations.


Mint, support the GlobalKind cause and be involved here. You can still mint using ETH or with your credit card.

Gucci Vault: Women  Creators



Gucci Vault & SuperRare collaborated with 29 NFT artists for their “The Next 100 Years of Gucci exhibit. The Vault Art Space is a  NFT virtual museum that will take you to an art realm in the metaverse. The gallery is far from our usual museum, that is bound by walls. Each collectible showcases Gucci’s heritage. Explore the meta museum


Definetely follow these 11 amazing women creators behind the art: 

View the full gallery here



Not you Bro, Not Your Demons



As crypto winter rages on, Not Your Bro is a glowing source of positive impact in the NFT space. Founders Georgia and Natalie have nurtured a web3 brand that goes one step further – from being just an NFT collection to being a pragmatic community of healers, go-getters, and everyday heroes. 


NYB collection was honored as the Most Impactful Charity NFT Project at NFT NYC 2022, and the journey didn’t stop there. They followed up with a counterpart project called Not Your Demons (NYD), and is a movement for mental health. 


NYB team donated and supported the following causes:

  • Donated 20 ETH to Outright Action International
  • Donated 20 ETH to Malala Fund
  • Donated 20 ETH to Save the Children
  • Donated 20 ETH  to girls who code
  • And donating 10%  every month to non-profits, forever. 
  • NYF donated 10% to Trevor Project

Get to know more about NYB and NYD:

We also had the honor to interview Georgia and Natalie. Listen to our spaces below:

Room 707. Pink Privacy by Jessica Yatrofsky

Not only generative NFT projects are taking over the NFT space, 1/1s or one of one artists are also continuously shaping the NFT space. 

Artist, photographer, and filmmaker and is known for her for work exploring body politics, beauty, and gender.  Jessica‘s th NFT drop, Room 707, is an NFT collection that is a space for writers, poets, and creatives. One more thing you’ll love about her is she is also active in sharing love, educating, and helping creators conquer the NFT industry. 

That’s why we also teamed up together to onboard creators and artists as she co-host our weekly spaces, @niftykitapp. Every week, we are having one on one in-depth interviews with experienced creators- metaverse, music, abstract, 1/1s, and more. 

Portals, Thoughts In Motion by Jimena Buena Vida

Jimena is a veteran 1 of 1 abstract artist who brings together engineering and art. Jimena is known for her dynamic, intuitive and fun yet emotional as she expresses vulnerability, awareness, courage, and love. Her previous NFT drop, Portals



Her latest Collection launched with DropKit is Thoughts in Motion that was heavily inspired to bring awareness to one’s negative thoughts and is her first ever animated collection. collectors will be chosen to receive free Infinite Objects screen of their NFT. 


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