Rally Partners With NiftyKit To Launch The Future Is History

NFTs aren’t dead, but projects based on stupid pictures are. In 2021, Rally worked with designer Keenan Wells, better known Pixel Hall of Fame, on a 720-card pack featuring famous names throughout history. They sold out in 90 seconds and were selling for 10x on eBay almost immediately. 


Rally is the premier platform for fractionalizing collectibles. They find, manage, and turn the most important items in the world into shares- everything from classic cars, to vintage  whisky and, dinosaur fossils or blue chip NFTs. They developed a marketplace where fractional ownership of those items can be bought and sold.


This year’s The Future Is History starts with a mint of 3,500 unique NFTs with 1 million potential combinations of 8-bit vintage character drawings by Pixel Hall of Fame representing notable figures from throughout history like Shakespeare and Mona Lisa. Each NFT gets holders a pack of premium trading cards. Each pack includes a 1:1 to match your NFT, with bonus inserts, holograms, and other relics. representing those characters (combining signatures, holograms, and relics from the past), and becomes your way into incredible equity offerings tied to your character on Rally. 

Rally has partnered with NiftyKit, a no-code NFT minting platform that will power the web3 experience for this special release. The entire sale, including pre-and-post transactions of this NFT collection, will occur on the Ethereum blockchain. Leveraging NiftyKit’s smart contract technology, Rally is able to push the boundaries of web3 and offer a unique digital art trading experience using NFTs. Access to the NiftyKit platform can be gained through one of their Creator Passes, to get in contact with NiftyKit for custom smart contract development or Web3 strategy & consultation you can check out their Enterprise Offering as well. 


We believe in this space, we believe in blockchain technology, and above all, we believe the community we’ve built at Rally matched with the collector community of Pixel Hall of Fame can be a huge addition to the world that Web3 is enabling. Our belief is that collections that last will be based on a shared vision between the issuer and the owner, and will provide ongoing utility to the community that supports the collection. 


Get on the early access waitlist, find out about other owner perks, explore the vintage character drawings, and learn about all the variations in the mix. All on our website, right now.

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