NiftyKit has all the features you need to launch your NFTs.

NiftyKit is the best place for creators and teams to build communities through NFTs. Mint and manage your assets, build your waitlist, airdrop to your holders, and so much more.

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Create your NFT collection with ease
Create your contract in minutes, then upload your assets and launch when ready. Each NFT is lazy minted, so you experience zero gas fees. Create open editions, waitlists, and much more.
Create ERC721A drop or editions
Airdrop to your community
Custom drop page for mints
Tools to help you manage your NFT project
NiftyKit provides you with the tools to take you step-by-step from the initial planning with draft states, all the way to the day you launch your smart contract, and long after you sell out.
Save progress with draft states
Edit sale details on-the-fly
Update metadata any time
Become a magician and nail your NFT reveal
With just a few clicks, you can easily reveal your final assets and metadata to your community. Reveal all at once or choose a custom range without exposing important metadata.
Easy to use reveal interface
Reveal entire project at once
Reveal slowly or on-demand
Spend less to deploy your smart contract
Deploy a Ethereum Mainnet smart contract for a fraction of the cost with our optimized smart contracts. Launching NFTs has never been so affordable.
Optimized smart contracts
Insanely low cost to deploy
Polygon, Optimism, or Arbitrum
Easily withdraw funds and split with your entire team
Withdraw your funds directly from your dashboard in seconds – no escrow or wait times. Need to split your revenue? Easily apply a revenue split contract to any NFT project.
Withdraw funds instantly
Zero escrow or wait times
Split revenue with contributors
Create and manage your custom NFT smart contract in minutes.

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