NiftyKit’s Platform provides user interface for a person or entity to create, own, and manage Smart Contracts and NFTs. Each Smart Contract allows control and ownership of the NFTs created linked to the  Smart Contract and the Smart Contract itself.

Smart Contracts and NFTs created with NiftyKit Classic must be taken to Other Platforms to be sold. Classic is best for a smaller number of NFTs.

Smart Contracts created with DropKit also enable the Seller to market NFTs and for Buyers to purchase these NFTs linked to the Smart Contract on their own website or on a hosted Mint Page, where a Buyer uses a Mint Button and Lazy Minting is used.

Smart Contracts and NFTs created with NiftyKit Redeemables enable the Seller to market NFTs and for Buyers to purchase NFTs linked to the Smart Contract on a hosted mint page. Sellers can generate unique links that Buyers must use to access the hosted mint page for those Redeemables. Sellers can invalidate this link which will prevent Buyers from Lazy Minting the Redeemables until the Seller creates a new unique link and provides it to the Buyer, which gives access to the mint page and the ability to Mint successfully.

NiftyKit provides Tools to facilitate no-code smart contract creation and full ownership rights to your Smart Contract and NFTs. Some Services Users are able to complete through the Platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Mint button on your own website that enables a blind mint (via our Application programming interface (“API”) to integrate mint function using a javascript interface).
  • Ability to utilize our hosted Mint Page with Mint Button and blind mint if you do not have your own website.
  • Option for immediate or delayed reveal (delayed reveal is publishing initial metadata and Content at Mint and the ability to update such Metadata and Content on reveal through your Smart Contract at a time in the future) 
  • Lazy-Minting
  • Airdrops 
  • Configuration of merkle root to allow certain wallet addresses to Mint NFTs
  • Dutch auctions
  • Creation of different tiers of Mint prices
  • Batch upload metadata with use of API
  • Naming your Smart Contract
  • Setting Max NFTs per Wallet, and Max NFTs per Mint
  • Primary Sale proceeds are stored in an escrow smart contract
  • If you use a program to generate your art, you can import the data in .JSON format using our API or using a CSV of your metadata to generate traits/properties (you will need to include the URL of your Content in your Smart Contract).
  • If you do not have your metadata in csv or .json format, you can use our tools to upload your content and create your traits/properties.
  • Resale Proceeds Share (also called Royalties on the Platform)
  • Renounce ownership of smart contract allowing the code to control the contract without the capability for further modifications.

*** Please note, Classic and Dropkit are separate contracts so the functionality of both cannot be combined into one contract.

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