Bringing Retro Back: Super Space Monkey World Are A Collectors Best Friend!

Acclaimed American graffiti artists Dalek & Diego Bergia link up to reimagine the vivid Space Monkeys with their latest drop powered by NiftyKit DropKit!

Spaced Out!

What started out as a wall render under a Connecticut bridge in 1995 has become the iconic, signature style of creator James Marshall aka Dalek. Space Monkeys are, as Dalek puts it, the most destructive force in the universe! A byproduct of Dalek’s love for Japanese pop culture, punk vibes, and cartoons – Space Monkeys have become a trademark style and coveted work of art in the digital art space.

Dalek is a prolific American graffiti artist who has completed his apprenticeship under none other than Takashi Murakami himself. Coming from traditional and graffiti/street art roots and evolving into digital art, James finds himself learning every day to push his artwork to new levels constantly.

Dalek has stated previously that Space Monkeys aren’t monkeys at all! He refers to the monkeys as being destructive, semi-robotic creatures shaped by their experiences!

To date, the Space Monkey brand has released various sold-out NFT projects ranging from their trippy original artwork collectibles – Space Monkey World & Land Of The Lost Space Monkeys, their profile picture project – Space Monkey Chaos Club (a 10-year project set to release 50 pfps each year), and even a collaborative on-chain project with Generative Artworks – Neo Gen Space Monkeys.

The artwork fuses fluidity with rigidity within geometric shapes and a mix of vibrant color combinations. All the while, the “Space Monkey” is a central character in the frame.

Retro Vibes

The next endeavor for the Space Monkeys is Super Space Monkey World. This project is a collaborative spectacle between Dalek and graffiti artist turned animation director Diego Bergia. Diego is a prolific artist known for his notable contributions to major platforms like Netflix, Marvel, Discovery Network, and more!

Arcade machines were a huge part of Diego’s childhood and the same influence can now be experienced with this unique collaboration. Super Space Monkey World brings in a blast from the past in terms of art style, paying tribute to 90s arcade art aesthetics throughout. The project recreates the Space Monkeys ‘sprite-by-sprite’ to create 777 unique, pixel-perfect renditions.

Space Monkey Lore

The story of Super Space Monkey World is one that centers around resurgence. Formed from the absurdities of deep space, the Space Monkeys are creatures living mindless, yet peaceful existences in accordance with their creator – the mysterious “Creature of the Core”. This existence is filled with duty, with everyday tasks that ensure the survival of the species. These creatures carry out their informed duties under a “Golden King”, the only one of them who has the power to communicate with the Creature of the Core.

Things go south when the King mysteriously disappears and chaos ensues in the lives of the Space Monkeys. Violence erupts within the Space Monkey communities without a leader to guide their paths. The Space Monkeys find themselves losing touch with reality, losing their identities and sense of purpose. Now, 77 teams of 10 Monkeys each are tasked with the ultimate mission – to find and retrieve their lost leader!

We are here to make art and build a fun project for ourselves and this community! There are certain special Super SpaceMonkeys that will unlock fun stuff, but you’ll have to stick around a bit to find out what that’s all about. It’s gonna be good.. so.. it’s worth hanging out for a bit!

– Dalek & Diego, SSMW Discord

This limited collection is all about having fun with the art of NFTs. They’ve kept a collector-friendly “mint more, win more” vibe through this drop. They do this by mixing up the rares, super-rares, legendaries, and the holy grail in this collection. The roadmap includes an SSMW game in development, but there’s more to the brand in store than just the gaming aspect.

Project Details

Both Dalek and Diego are setting the tone for this collaboration to reflect 90s nostalgia. The project is planned to be expanded by utilizing a free-flow influx of ideas as the NFT space expands into new horizons. Burn and upgrade functions, physical items, elite Space Monkeys, and an expanding backstory are coming real soon to Super Space Monkey World.

When we first set out to build this project we wanted to be able to build a game around it someday. We both love the arcade and console classics from the 90s that this pays tribute to.

Dalek & Diego, SSMW Discord

How To Mint

NiftyKit is proud to host Dalek & Diego for their live mint on their DropKit page here. This project was launched using NiftyKit’s ERC721A smart contract option, so collectors can rest assured that gas fees will be low. We’re extremely hyped for this collaboration, and we hope that the collectors will have fun on this unique journey!

Minting is now SOLD OUT but you can purchase SSMW on Secondary on OpenSea. Check out their whole collection here


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