Mint NFTs via Credit Card, Token Gate Your Next Video, & More! Here’s What’s New On NiftyKit!

It felt really special to experience all the positive responses from our creators and their communities regarding our membership NFTs! However, the DropKit Pass is just the beginning of what we’re trying to build at NiftyKit. We’re keeping the good times rolling with our best-in-class service paired with a string of Twitter spaces planned every week. To top that off, we’re also excited to present the latest updates to NiftyKit.

In just over a week since we launched our DropKit Pass, we’re already setting in motion some cool upgrades to help our creators innovate the way they launch/promote their Drop projects.

NiftyKit V6.3.0

We’ve made some small but significant changes to our awesome toolkits this month. Overall, we’re tightening our security protocols, ensuring community safety and reliability, and also unlocking creative pathways for creators to control their drops. Below are the latest updates to our launchpad (v6.3):

📺 Pre-reveal Asset Updates – Our pre-reveal tool on DropKit now supports videos and attributes. Set your placeholders to show up as videos, and set your attributes directly at the pre-reveal stage. This means better shine for your releases, keep your community engaged and excited about what’s to come!

🔗 Token Access Updates – The Token Access tool now supports embedding audio and video files from around the web. Now you may Token Gate your next youtube video, or SoundCloud exclusive track, or any other embeddable HTML link, and do more with your releases!

💳 DropKit.js Update – We’ve integrated Winter wallet to our DropKit SDK. Creators can now add a winter wallet to their minting pages to have their collectors mint directly via credit card. No crypto? No problem!

Chainalysis Update – We’ve deprecated Stripe Identity as a verification tool for DropKit. All wallets connected to NiftyKit are now screened for security via Chainalysis. Chainalysis is one of the worlds leading blockchain data platforms that provide services, software, and research to cybersecurity agencies, financial institutions, exchanges, and more.

🧑‍💼 ChainSafe Audit – We’re taking our security and optimization up a notch. After 9 long months, NiftyKit has completed its audit, via ChainSafe. In a fast-paced web3 environment in which we see (or hear about) redundant rug pulls, scammers, and frauds occurring almost every week, we seek to improve transparency in the safety of the systems we’ve set in place for our creators, clients, and customers.

♾️ DropKit Pass Activation – As a DropKit Pass holder, it is essential to activate your pass in order to access DropKit. Activating the pass incurs gas fees and will make the NFT ‘soul-bound’. This means that you would not be able to trade/sell on secondary marketplaces while your pass is activated on NiftyKit. You can easily activate (and deactivate) your pass at any time on your Account Settings.

The Web3 Way

With the launch of our DropKit Pass, we’re moving closer to a pure web3 approach. We’re making each wallet connected to NiftyKit its own unique, separate domain. This move from fiat to a pure crypto ecosystem ensures that we stay true to our web3 beliefs and ideals. It also helps us operate at our best using the latest and greatest that crypto has to offer. It also helps our community of creators worldwide save more money when doing drops!

Try NiftyKit Now!

For the OGs and new creators, it is important to note that the DropKit Pass is connected only to one wallet at a given time. But don’t worry, you can transfer the Pass to any of your other wallets in case of any updates you would need to make on NiftyKit. Stay tuned for some more exciting news and upgrades to come! We’re only getting started!

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