HashLips + NiftyKit: The Best No-Code Solution For NFTs!

If you’re looking for the easiest way to create your NFT projects with no coding needed, this article is for you! As creators in the information age, we’re all working towards developing the best possible outputs for our drops. Using HashLips’ latest no-code art generator tool and combining it with the power of the NiftyKit launchpad, you’ll be creating huge NFT projects and deploying them in an efficient, streamlined manner!

We’re going to guide you on how you can create a NFT Drop for your project using ONLY Photoshop layers. With the help of this article, you’ll be able to create your artworks and learn how to use NiftyKit to maximize your creations! Ready? Let’s get to it!

The Hashlips Art Engine

Previously, we covered how you can use the classic HashLips engine to import your NFT’s into NiftyKit. Today, let’s look at the latest tool from HashLips – a no-code Art Engine!

Before you start, you may want to have a folder ready with the layers of artwork exported according to each of the categories you desire to be traits on your NFT’s. This would look a bit like this:

Layers folder: This folder would contain the various ‘traits’ of your artwork. In this case – different type of eyes.

You can sort the layers of your artwork depending on different objects/items you’ve created. These could be backgrounds, face styles, clothing and basically every other variation/trait you’d like to generate for your collection. Once you have all your layers collected, follow the steps below to generate your NFT artworks with zero coding!

Navigating the Art Engine

  • Download the HashLips No Code app by clicking here. There are 3 separate files for installation, depending on the device you’re using. You can choose between installing “.dmg” files (for Macbooks with & without M1 chips), and “.exe” files for Windows.

  • After you’ve installed the application, run it on your device and make sure that all your sub-folders within the layers folder are ready. As you open the app, you will see a dashboard alongside sections for configurations for your artwork.
Hashlips Art Generation

  • Configure your artwork on the app to determine the total units, name, description etc.

  • Next, select the “input path” – which would be the “layers” folder you have just created. The “output path” is where all your final artworks and metadata will be stored. Feel free to choose any destination folder for the output path.

  • In case you’ve completed all the steps correctly up to this point, you can then click on “Get Folders” as shown below. This will display the folder order (on the app) as it appears on your “layers” folder. In case the folders are not in the correct order, you can always reorder it by clicking and dragging each of the folder names displayed on the app.

  • After this, click on Generate under “Create” and you will find a “build” folder on your output folder. In this folder, you will find all your artworks and your metadata (.json) files.

  • After this, you can upload your artworks to IPFS to obtain the CID. Next, you can update the CID on the engine.

You can check out the full videos below to understand how you can control the rarity of your traits, and other details, or troubleshooting suggestions from HashLips.

Now that you’re ready with your assets, you can now upload the JSON file to NiftyKit easily using the DropKit dashboard. NiftyKit will allow you to control all of the aspects of your drop from pre-sales and whitelists, to post drop management, royalties, revenue splits, project verification, and more!

Uploading to NiftyKit

After your artwork and metadata are ready, follow these steps to upload your artworks on NiftyKit. Please note that you will need to obtain a Stripe Verification to access the DropKit. Stripe Identity fast tracks your verification to DropKit & helps you launch projects faster (by skipping the waitlist).

  • Once you access DropKit, you can then access the DropKit dashboard and choose between ERC-721 & ERC-721A smart contract types. ERC-721A saves up to 80% on gas fees for your collectors.
ERC-721 & ERC-721A
  • Click on “Create Drop” to begin your Drop process and add in all the details.
NiftyKit Drop Details of Platform

  • Set Up your reveal, manage your drop, set up airdrops and more with DropKit. You can tweak and tune the way you release your NFT’s! Click here to learn more about DropKit and how you can maximize your process.

Reach Out To Us!

If you have any queries regarding any stage of the process, feel free to reach out to us via our Discord, Twitter or Email (support@niftykit.com). We will be happy to assist you in your NFT journey!

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