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cryp·to·cur·ren·cy | kriptōˌkərənsē 

a digital currency of transactions, verified & recorded by a decentralized computing system

bit·coin | bitˌkoin

a popular type of cryptocurrency where transactions are recorded by computers that operate independently of a central bank

e·ther·e·um | ē,thirēəm

a type of cryptocurrency, a business platform, with a programming language, for developers to build & run distributed applications (note: niftykit uses ethereum—not bitcoin)

block·chain | bläkˌCHān

a record of cryptocurrency transactions, maintained across several computers, linked by a peer-to-peer network

non-fung·i·ble to·kens | nän,funjb(ə) tōkən

a unique digital token (aka NFT) that can be verified and thus not swapped or replaced by some other like-token within the blockchain

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