NiftyKit Partners with Amar Gallery and The Rewind Collective For Christie’s NFT Sale

The Rewind Collective and NiftyKit offered a unique NFT for auction that sold at Christie's postwar and contemporary art day sale for $120,000.

NiftyKit is honored to work with Amar Gallery to launch a series of collections of NFTs. Using our NFT Creation Tools, Amar Gallery was able to supply a custom branded smart contract and token ID specifically for the Christie’s auction May 14 | Live Auction 20001 Post-War & Contemporary Art Day Sale Lot 206

Amar Gallery will give half the proceeds of the Rewind NFT toward “making more activist art,” he said, and give another portion to Vital Voices, the Hillary Clinton-founded women’s empowerment organization.

$ 0
Sold at Christie's: 14 May 2021
Christie's Live Auction
Remember Us IV (Watch Your Head) – Christie’s NFT Drop

About Remember Us IV (Watch Your Head) 

Remember Us IV (Watch Your Head) calls forth the story of Judith beheading Holofernes with digital reinterpretations of works by four incredible female artists across the 16th & 17th centuries: Lavinia Fontana, Fede Galizia, Artemisia Gentileschi & Elisabetta Sirani.

All four women depicted in their own distinct style the story of the heroine Judith who saved her city (Bethulia) from being destroyed by the Assyrian general; Holofernes. Our reworking of this tale highlights the power of women, drawing inspiration from a classical tale whose themes of equality, female empowerment and strength ring true to this very day.

NiftyKit Custom Smart Contract For Remember Us IV on Christie’s NFT Auction

Remember Us IV (Watch Your Head)
token ID: 1
wallet address: 0xe6e1f5c4a108626067ac3752977857ef7a338af6
smart contract address: 0x01f769A20c623F309303d8280FD75a3cb78A4Dd2
non-fungible token ERC-721 (mp4)
878 x 1280 pixels (19,697,946 bytes)
Minted by NiftyKit on 25 April 2021. This work is unique.

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