Access Your NiftyKit Wallet To List & Transfer NFTs on Secondary Marketplaces

As of March 22, 2021 we require our existing users to prepare for the transition over to NiftyKit hosted wallets.

NFT Artists on our platform were having time managing their existing wallets with their new wallets, so moving forward we created a way for you to bring your own Metamask wallet.

For our V1 NiftyKit users, you will need to follow these directions to get your NFT:

  1. Log into your NiftyKit account here:
  2. Click your profile image and go to My Account
  3. Click your Export Private Key button in My Account
  4. Enter your password to reveal your private key
  5. Once you see your private key, copy and directly import into Metamask

Instructions on how to import a private key to Metamask can be found here:

Once you have imported your private key, you will be able to connect to your Metamask account on Opensea and you will see your NFT available in your wallet.

Here you can now list, trade, transfer or sell your NFT on Opensea or anywhere ERC-721 tokens are accepted.

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