The Rewind Collective Sells NFT For $201,600 At Philips Auction House

The Rewind Collective and NiftyKit offeres a unique NFT for auction that sold at Philips' Auction House for...

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Sold at Philips Art House: 24 June 2021

NiftyKit is excited to follow up the Christie’s NFT Sale with Amar Gallery to launch for Philips with a unique NFT and custom smart contract. Using our NFT Creation Tools, Amar Gallery was able to supply a custom branded smart contract and token ID specifically for the Philips auction 20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale, New York Auction 24 June 2021 Lot 318

Philips' NFT Auction

Remember Us XV (Women Throughout History)

Remember Us XV (Women Throughout History) celebrates pioneering females across the centuries whose contributions to art and politics defied limitations.

This piece features our digital reinterpretations of works by three painters interwoven with three original photographs taken by us. We pay tribute to painters Lavinia Fontana, Elisabetta Sirani and Artemisia Gentileschi. Our digitized photographs honor women throughout the ages.

The layering of these portraits symbolizes the idea of women supporting women, each figure building on the revolutionary acts of the ones that have preceded them in the centuries-long battle for equality.

Remember Us is our series which honors overlooked women & minorities throughout history.

—Rewind CollectiveRemember Us XV (Women Throughout History)

NiftyKit Custom Smart Contract Remember Us XV (Women Throughout History)

Remember Us XV (Women Throughout History)

Token ID: 11

Contract Address: 0xBd2E87c20aA7557d7D9c42218BB54c968c0f0d81
Non-Fungible Token (ERC-721)
MP4: 46 MB, 00:36 minutes
Minted on June 10, 2021, this work is unique.

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