DropKit Update: Dutch Auctions, Polygon, and Free Airdrops For Your Next NFT NFT Collection

Based on community feedback and our internal roadmap, we have released our latest version of the NiftyKit app. This is a big release with lots of user experience improvements and fresh new features for you to use for your drop. Not a DropKit member yet? Tell us about your project and get on the waitlist here

New DropKit Features

⛽️ Deploy a Ethereum Mainnet smart contract for a fraction of the cost with our optimized smart contracts!
πŸ’  Polygon DropKit: Create your smart contract and drop on Polygon (MATIC)!
🎟️ Dutch Auction: Minimize gas wars by offering an auction sale format for your collectors (includes presale auctions).
πŸ†“ Free Airdrop: Send NFTs at no cost (gas fees still apply).
✏️ Editable Number of NFTs in Drop: Modify or increase the number of NFTs in your drop at any time (includes presale).
πŸ“€ Airdrop+: Send airdrops to multiple wallets in a single transaction.
πŸš₯ Updated Drop Page for Auctions: Displays # of NFTs remaining, time left and current price based on auction duration.
😎| Streamlined UX: Simplified flow for creating your smart contract and starting/managing your drop.
✨ Updated Interface (UI): Enjoy a squeaky clean interface.

If you have already minted your smart contract you won’t be able to take advantage of these new features. These are for new contracts moving forward.

Launch on Ethereum Mainnet for a fraction of the cost of normal (high) gas fees

Our solution to the gas fee problem.

The popularity of NFTs are surging. And so are the gas fees required for creators to create smart contracts for their NFTs.

NiftyKit is revolutionizing the way creators, artists, and brands use NFT smart contracts. Not only do you get to own and control your own smart contract and tokens, we now make it more affordable for you to deploy a contract on the popular Ethereum Mainnet blockchain.

We optimized our smart contract to help reduce the fees it costs to deploy. Now you will be able to launch more collections without each deployment costing anywhere from $1500 and up.

We minted our smart contract for less than $100.

$72.14 at 61 gwei to be exact!

We minted our smart contract a lower gas price which helped, but as the volatility of the gas increases most creators often find themselves in a situation where they don’t release on the intended drop date due to the cost of the network. Sometimes you don’t know when the gas price will come back down to a price that makes sense to mint. That is why NiftyKit created a smart contract that you can feel comfortable deploying without breaking the bank.

In addition to the lower fees to create your contract, we have given you a suite of tools to make your NFT drop more flexible to your situation. There is a lot that goes into a drop, and we want you to focus on what you do best by making it so you don’t have to worry about your smart contracts and the unknowns that go with deploying a custom contract that has not been battle tested.

New Dutch Auction Sale Type

What is a Dutch Auction?

Using DropKit’s Dutch Auction feature, you can reach the best price possible and at the same time, avoid high gas fees.

In the DropKit NFT Dutch auction, the price of an NFT starts at an initial price (the starting price) and drops continuously to the ending price over the duration of the auction.

Offering Dutch Auction will help minimize gas wars that come with public drops on the Ethereum network and allows your collectors to purchase at a price point they like.

Pricing your work is difficult. Dutch Auctions can help increase your earnings if the market is willing to purchase at a higher price over what you would set it as.

Create an NFT Drop with a Presale or Public Sale Dutch Auction

  1. Visit https://app.niftykit.com and click Create > DropKit
  2. Choose Polygon or Ethereum Mainnet
  3. Set your Contract Name, Contract Symbol, Number of NFTs in Drop, and Royalty Information
  4. Click Continue As Draft
  5. Click Create Contract to deploy your smart contract
  6. On your contract page Click Start Drop and select Presale or Public Sale
  7. A popup window will show up and you will select Dutch Auction
  8. Set the Starting Price, Ending Price, and Auction Duration
  9. Click Start Drop to activate your sale
  10. Once completed, you will see a message and link to the drop page where your sale is live

NFT Airdrops

Airdrop NFTs to your fans for FREE

There is no fee to Airdrop NFTs. You pay your gas fees to mint.

Airdrop directly into any wallet address.

Use airdrops to reward your existing collectors with NFTs. You can airdrop directly into your own wallet to set aside NFTs for contests, giveaways, friends, and family.

You can airdrop at any time after your smart contract has been created.

CSV Upload support coming soon.

How to Airdrop multiple NFTs to multiple wallet addresses

  1. Visit https://app.niftykit.com and navigate to your DropKit collection
  2. Click Airdrop NFT to open the modal window
  3. Set the quantity of NFTs and addresses you want to airdrop to
  4. Add multiple wallet addresses to batch mint in 1 transaction
  5. Click Airdrop Now to open up Metamask
  6. Pay gas and finalize your Airdrop
  7. The quantities will be minted directly into the addresses you set
  8. Once completed you can verify the Batch Mint in Etherscan

Polygon NFT Drop

Cost-effective NFT Drops on Polygon (MATIC)

Looking for a cost-effective way to launch a large drop to your fans?

Now we support Polygon NFT drops on DropKit in addition to Ethereum mainnet. When you are creating a new DropKit smart contract, you can select which chain you want to deploy on.

Polygon Matic or Ethereum NFT Smart Contract

Ethereum or Polygon NFTs

Collectors must purchase in Polygon (MATIC) token only. We do NOT support wrapped eth at this time. Learn how to use the Polygon MATIC bridge to get MATIC token to use for your Drop.

Use Polygon for airdrops, giveaways, and increase the accessibility to collectors of your brand.

You might be missing out on sales because of high Ethereum gas-prices that force people out of your lower priced NFTs. Maybe you haven’t been able to start because the cost of deploying an Ethereum Mainnet smart contract is just too expensive.

How do I create a Polygon DropKit contract?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Create A Polygon NFT Drop Smart Contract

  1. In your NiftyKit account click Create > DropKit

  2. Choose Polygon or Ethereum Mainnet in the dropdown menu

  3. Set your Contract Name, Contract Symbol, Number of NFTs in Drop, and Royalty Information
  4. Click Continue As Draft
  5. Click Create Contract to deploy your smart contract to the Polygon blockchain.
  6. Now you are ready to launch your sale on the Polygon Network

nft creation tool

how to create an nft collection

User Experience Updates

A great user experience is very important to us as it drives the creation of the apps and tools we build for you.

In addition to fixing some minor UI bugs, we have changed the creation flow to make it easier to build and execute your drop.

Fresh new look and feel

The user interface has been freshened up a bit. You may notice some differences in the styles and placement of buttons, but overall it isn’t too drastic of a makeover. The new styles will help make it easier to read and understand what to do next.

Live NFT Mint Page

Visitors to your mint page will now be able to see how many NFTs are left to be minted. This will help your collectors decide and what point during the sale they should buy.

Improvements on the creation and sale flow

With the addition of Polygon to DropKit we had to add the option upon creation for you to decide which blockchain you want your collection on.

Other key actions like Update Metadata and Airdrop NFT have been surfaced as button options on your dashboard to make it easier to find.

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